Saturday, November 8, 2008

Beacon House Orphanage

One thing that we've been doing, but haven't made much mention of, is volunteering at a few orphanages. We spend most of our time at one in East Legon, called the Beacon House. There are about 30 kids there, ranging in ages from 6 months to 14 years. We've been going every Tuesday and Thursday to help teach and to build relationships of trust for some of the adoptions we hope to help with. There is a broad range of ages of children, so it is hard for the one teacher they have to be effective with all of the students. We've been busy singing with them,which is a program called the solfeg, helping them learn how to read, and taking turns working with the smaller kids so they have a little more attention. It's crazy at times and we are both learning a lot about patience :) On Tuesday when we were there,the children really wanted to play "barbies." Two of the children had birthdays that week, so I promised them that we could play on Thursday when we came. These pictures are from that day. Barbies turned out to be dress-up, and it was pretty entertaining! One of the little boys named Gabriel dressed up in a long blond hair wig and high heels and came runnig outside. Unfortunately we didn't get to capture that one with the camera, but it was hillarious. They are all so sweet, and we hope to add to their vibrant personalities the light of knowledge.

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