Sunday, November 16, 2008


This week we had the priveledge of traveling to the Northern Region, and visiting Tamale. Two years ago I taught school in the village of Chanshegu. We wanted to return to the village in order to begin our agriculture and nutrition projects. I was nervous to return. When I was there years before, I would walk down the road and the people would all come out of their mud huts chanting "Madam Jana, Madam Jana." I thought they would not remember me. As we entered the village a young girl on a bike stopped, and said "Madam Jana."

My heart was filled with joy, and the whole village came out to greet me. They had smiles on their dirt stained faces, and they hugged me as they saw me. I was invited to speak with the chief,

who expressed gratitude for my coming. He said when I left two years earlier, everyone cried, and that it was a sad day, but now he is happy, because all of the children have left their mothers to be with me. The village is happy again. He told me our coming was a blessing from God, and that our organization could do anything in the village that I thought was needed. I can't express the feelings I had while there. Joy filled my soul, and I am excited to be able to help these people progress. The chief has called me his joint friend, and has expressed a desire for me to teach him English, and how to read and write.

The humility and genuine love and purity that these people contain is why we are here in Africa. I truly respect them.

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