Saturday, January 31, 2009


Ahmed is the man who works at the Esiape house. That's where we used to live (we recently moved). He is from the Northern region of Ghana. He does the ironing, fixes things, washes the cars, waters the lawn, etc. He's 26, I believe. For the 60 plus hours a week he works, he gets about $80 a month. He's extremely smart and speaks and understands english really well. He also loves to read. We talk to him a lot about things and what he wants for his future. He also wants to get more education. He knows that this job he has is just a temporary thing and that he is capable of so much more. He recently began looking into computer courses and found one he really wanted to take. He has some money saved, but we also wanted to contribute a little so he'd still have some saved and be able to take the class he most wanted to take. So, we dontated 100 Ghana cedis to the cause (about $82). He should be getting registered soon and will be able to start as soon after that as he wants. Thanks again to all who have donated and made things like this possible!

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